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frequently asked questions

How long is the commitment for hosting a base station?2024-03-23T08:21:32+01:00

The contract for hosting a base station has a minimum term of 1 year and is renewable.

Are there any permits required to deploy a satellite miner?2024-03-23T08:21:21+01:00

Generally, no specific permits are needed to install and operate the satellite miner’s antenna. However, it is crucial to obtain permission from the property owner before proceeding with the installation if you are not the owner of the premises where you plan to set up the miner. This ensures that you comply with any building regulations or lease agreements that may be in place.

Does the miner transmit private data?2024-03-23T08:21:52+01:00

No, the Satellite Miner only receives location signals from satellites and does not transmit any private data.

Do I need to install the base station myself, or will KEEDOT handle it?2024-03-23T08:15:43+01:00

KEEDOT will take care of the setup and maintenance of the base station for you, so you don’t need to worry about installing it yourself. However, if you are technically inclined and want to install it on your own, the process is relatively simple. Alternatively, you can hire a professional installer, such as an antenna installer, to set up the base station for you.

What is KEEDOT Location Hosting?2024-03-23T08:09:06+01:00

KEEDOT Location Hosting is a service that allows individuals to participate in the GEODNET network by hosting a HYFIX MobileCM Triple Band Base Station at their location. These base stations provide real-time kinematic (RTK) data to the GEODNET network, contributing to the world’s largest RTK network for centimeter-level accuracy.

What is the GEODNET network?2024-03-23T08:16:22+01:00

GEODNET is a web3.0 blockchain-based highly-reliable RTK network using Decentralized Positioning and Incentive Networks (DePIN) principles. It aims to build the world’s largest RTK network for centimeter-level accuracy, which can be used for various applications such as automotive, IoT, professional surveying, construction, agriculture, drones, web3, and gaming.

What are the requirements for hosting a base station?2024-03-23T08:16:30+01:00

To host a base station, you need a location with a clear view of the sky in all directions, a stable internet connection, and access to a power outlet. The base station consumes less than 2 watts of power.

How does KEEDOT Location Hosting work?2024-03-23T11:05:07+01:00

To become a host, you need to:
1. Request a location by providing your desired location details to KEEDOT.
2. If approved, KEEDOT will send you a free HYFIX MobileCM Triple Band Base Station to set up at your location.
3. Once the station is set up and providing data to the GEODNET network, you start earning rewards.

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